Fear by Aa’laa Al Majnouni

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“I believe that to fear is to live as a Human! This is the reason why am totally convinced it is all right to fear, and its normally acceptable to fear talking about Fear” says I.  And “I” here is your narrator; Lyly, however, I am not to mention my age, for this age is not a countable matter to my story, so is for my physical descriptions; not worth of the telling, and my soul, ay, this soul is like a gravely subject to narrate out; like an infinite autobiographical account of someone’s self. The excitable boredom!

I tell you: “If I am to be asked what was my biggest fear, I may not react with you, instead, I would go from tip to toe, before you, simply, astray! I will find my mind, teleporting towards reminiscence days of my life, there, and only there, when I reach out, as the fear is one of them, or all of them, I wont be able to whimper, not because I fear crying before myself or you, or anyone, not even close, a passing pain, a numb existence of death, no, but because both eyes are left empty, no tears are left to shed, precisely, no tears, along goes the desire to cry and no more for that lost dear soul, to stain its remembrance with SALT!… the nameless name, the avoiding ache, Hello?”.

“Ugh!” I know you read me, and I can understand that my words as depressive linear expressions, which had failed me glumly from exposing this fearlessness to talk about the unexplainable Fear, yet! I am familiar with this, I cannot find it out though; the definitive phrase to sum up how does it look like to fear, and how does it feel like to talk about it! “Giving randomized timing sighs” lets face it, lets write about it, such a hectic task!

“…and that is how she expressed her Fear”, and this is the line to conclude up Lyly’s fear. A story, a shatter of a story, a page, a nowhere to follow “Save unfinished document to desktop”. Lets just lie down in here and breathe it all out. “Sigh!!”.

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