Fear by Alanoud Zouman

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I fear a fox’s cunning hiss after I’m fooled.I fear that there will come a day in which all that I ever stood for gets eaten up and spat out upon my eyes.



I truly believe that it would be the day that I wish I could no longer see.  X marks the place in which I am to stand tall, play my role in this life and then fade into nothing.



I don’t get commands that shine bright in front of me. My commands are the soft whispers that caress each ear; they’re the images that send out commandments into the air that soon enough take over what I see. It’s a friend that I look up to, so I mimic.



To my dismay I find no merciful king that would abolish a constant chain of unforgiving humans that play with who I should be.



Then again, was I really created here to be who I should be? I suppose it is all a game that is greater than I could ever be, and I mustn’t be the insolent player that gets killed off when it’s only beginning.



Maybe, I should start playing it right. Get right down dirty and play with their rules. I know that when I do so, I’d given it all up. I know that I’d then scream out “I yield!” just so that I could live my life normally.



I always wished I never thought, I never asked questions. Need I constantly remind myself that I can’t do this or I can’t do that? My only fear for now is that I fade into nothing. Which I know I will; And I despise the essence of it, the disgusting essence of it all.



I’m a robot that might malfunction. Another human that was born, lived a long string of mess, and in the end simply fades.



Two more years after my death and I suppose my name wouldn’t be mentioned anymore.



That is the day that I fear might come.

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