Fear by Chirin Barikan

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  “Oh God, I really hate Gym class,” was the last thing Diana thought before she slammed the door of the school gymnasium, and ran into the locker room to take a quick shower.

She never really understood the point of running around and getting sweaty. I mean, there are many more interesting  things  a fifth grader could do during ninety minutes. Like reading a book in the library for instance. But few were the people who understood that, so she had stopped arguing by now.


She stripped out of her sweaty purple T-shirt, and randomly threw her shorts into her oversized gym bag. The squeaky door to the locker room opened and soon there were two more pairs of tiny boobs walking around in the vast room. She hurriedly took her favorite towel, a blue one with a big  mouse on it that her parents had bought her from their vacation  in turkey a few years earlier, and tiptoed on the cold marble floor and into the shower.


If there was anything that made Diana feel better after a long and tiring gym class, it was singing the Beetle’s  Yellow Submarine in the shower. And so she did, all the way from the door, to the far end of the shower room.


You see, she was terrified of spiders, and what she saw had stopped her happy humming. But what she saw, was no spider. It was a rigid, skin colored snake, sticking out of a grown man’s trousers. It took Diana a few seconds to realize what was going on, and when she did, she screamed at the top of her lungs. She screamed like she never had before. Loud, high-pitched, and clear. Had her screams been building blocks, she would have built a great wall around Russia.


She heard a distant voice asking if she was alright in there, but she couldn’t calm down or quiet herself. As she was staring wide-eyed at the mad man, stories told by her mother about small girls who had been raped attacked her mind like poison and she was left feeling both weak and helpless.

Surprisingly, the man swung his snake in her direction a few more times, then turned around and walked out the same way he had come in, through the front door. She collapsed on the cold floor in tears, and her classmates soon came to see if she was alright.


What happened after that, Diana remembers only vaguely. She remember that her friends dressed her while her cute gym teacher held her and asked if the man had touched her. She remembers speaking to the police, telling them about the incident. She remembers having her friends around her all the time. She remembers how scared she had been to talk home, to play outside, or to go buy herself ice cream on her own. But most of all, she remembers the smirk on the man’s face. How he had walked away unharmed, and how months later the police still hadn’t done anything about him.


Today, eight years later, she realizes that back in back in fifth grade was probably the only time she had ever been really afraid in her life. On contrary to popular belief, fear is not only a state of mind, it is a seed planted deep into ones subconsciousness, but some people water it excessively, and some, simply rip out its roots, and go on with their lives.

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