Fear by Mimi

Posted on December 18, 2012 by


I stood my ground long enough,

I have planted my feet in tainted soil

Till I grew shrivelled and skeptic.



I grew to care, to love

And because I cared the most, I lost the most.



I grew tall enough to leave you.

I feared my nostalgia,

Because it always brought me back to you.


I waited for my fear to turn into anger,

To rage,

To anything but this weak feeling

But I was still afraid.


I’m afraid the hole in my heart will be as empty as your side of the bed is.



I’m afraid because you’re the part of me I can’t shake.



The memories that are barely glued together in my mind are falling out,

The book of us is tearing at the seams.

And I’m scared because I stopped trying,

To remember you



I’m terrified I’d forget you,

Who we were and who I,




And I’m constantly painting a story in my head,

About how it could be

And how it should’ve been



But for the most part,

I fear you’ll spread me so thin,

I’d disappear.

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