Fear by Najood Al Terkawi

Posted on December 18, 2012 by


My heart’s a broken mirror,

reflecting everything I’ve ever done.

The shards of looking-glass

Slice through the arteries in my chest,

Leaving traces of marks that only

Layers of clothing and lies

can begin to conceal.

The tsunamis in my eyes

Take more than just my pride.

They wipe the walls of my existence with sins

labeling me as

“Damaged goods”


Bits and pieces of

memories I’m trying to forget,

Tend to linger –

Underneath my skin,

Behind my eyelids,

And on the tip of my tongue.

No matter the number

of times you try to fix

the halo above my head,

The enormous energy

Of pain & anger,

will always scream its way out.

Solitude seems to be at the crossroads

Leading me to follow.

My darkest fear is

You hearing the sound

of my tears at night,

Followed by you waking up to realize

I was your greatest mistake.

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