Fear by Nouf Al Nafisee

Posted on December 18, 2012 by


I latch onto you the moment you first take a breath. All the bright lights shock you and all new sounds startle your fresh ears. The moment you develop an imagination, I ease my way into your head; scaring you as you rush up the stairs in the dark, or as you flush a toilet at midnight. Then, I expand, reaching deeper into your sanity. I make you feel insecure so that you file a mental restraining order against bikinis. I make you dread relationships. I make you hide your talents. I make SPRINT in the opposite direction of joy because your fear it will fade after you have grown too attached. If you let me, I will undo every seam in your anatomy until you fall apart.


Yes, you have good reason to loathe me; on the other hand, without me, you would not have taken the breath that is now in your lungs. You would not be digesting the food that is now in your stomach. You heart would not have pumped floods of blood that now slide through your veins. I am the reason you don’t hold your hand over a burning flame. I am the reason you don’t lock yourself in a cage full of tigers. I am the reason you are here.


Alive. Surviving. Breathing.


I am fear. I’m not always so bad, but if you let me, I will dissolve you like burning acid. Your body will be my feast and your soul is desert.

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