Fear by Rania Ghazal

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The stars look down into

Your eyes

That illuminate the gloom

Like torches swallowing darkness

That tell a thousand and one tales

And twinkle like a baby’s

First glances

As we lay

Wrapped up in the cosmic shadow

Of the moon

Resting our bones

On one another


I plant kisses

Under your ear

And carve my way

To your neck

Intensifying the press of my lips

As I taste your pulse

We are now



I taste the edges of your spine

Strumming the strings like my grandmother’s cello

You echo a symphony of  joy

As I savor  the delirium

We are now living


I trace

The words you are dying to hear

On your collarbone

And feel you soak them into your skin

Before they perish and turn into



Morning beckons


Let us

Come closer

Press your body against mine

Let me feel your breath caressing my neck

Let us



I’m tired of being a tide

That visits your shore


Not coming back

Let us mix

Like coffee and cream

Like red and green paint

Like ink stains on your hand and frustration


The sun leaves your eyes

And climbs to the sky

It’s time to part

Terror in both our eyes

We peel the fear off

And our bodies separate

“Goodbye” I breathe

“Goodbye” He whispers

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