Fear by Reem Sabra

Posted on December 18, 2012 by


Fear is every one of God’s gentle breaths that he blows upon us and which I do not feel weave through my fingers because my hands are clenched in fists.


It is the smell of the gutters which I’ve become accustomed to. It is the sewage which I’ve made a home out of because I will not hoist myself up any further. It is all the Nos, Can’ts, Won’ts, Don’ts.


It is the backpack full of bricks I carry around with me. It is all the empty lines I refuse to fill because my words are not poetic enough.


It is the container with three dimensional boundaries which I place myself in and which I have took the liberty of carefully constructing myself.


It is the many reverberations which I wish my vocal chords would make but don’t.

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