Skin by Alanoud Zouman

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Paint from your veins drop full of memories into my white shirt.

Drip drop, the paint says.


Today your veins are sunflower yellow. Your fluorescent skin that beams out white radiations now have the lines of yellow beginning from your feet and they make their way, intertwined into your heart and up to your head.

You tell me that yellow means that you’re happy. Today, you’re my happy sun and I could tell it all from the look and touch of your skin. My sun, you’re not always shining.


Sometimes I find you in the most human color, Blue. Perhaps your shade of blue doesn’t always mean that your skies are gloomy, I suppose the moon is trying to take over a light blue sky and you manage to turn it into black. You’re the only one shining and only you can choose who can shine with you I can only hope that you’d turn me into one of your stars. I’ve known enough from you to believe that I can be the sun, too. As radiant as it is and I can be the moon, as powerful as it is.


You can be the purest that I know,

When your veins turn white.

Like the innocence adolescents once had. I find a child in you.

Alas, your veins turn grey. And a frown is turning your skeleton upside down I know that you’re gaining knowledge

You know too much

You ask too many questions


When it’s red I know that you’re on Satan’s throne or sleeping between silk.

I know if your beady eyes want power or if they’re drowned in desire.


You read me like an open book and I visualize you as a painting.

All from your skin

You tell me when you’re happy

When you’re sad

When you’re conflicted


But today, you glow just like your skin and I can tell it all from the veins that run beneath it.

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