GUEST POST: Skin by Jood AlHarthi

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“Happy new year,” She whispered at her open closet of skins and memories.

It was 5 minutes to midnight.

She pinched her skin lightly, disgusted by the past events of this year, almost tempted to burn this skin right off her than keep it in her closet with the past skins. Some memories, she thought to herself, some years and some disappointments a person just wouldn’t wish to keep.

Most of the time she felt as if she hid skeletons in her closet, not memories and anticipations.

Anticipations, expectations and new dreams; that was the other side of her closet. She looked at the beautifully smooth and unworn skins.

She wondered by midnight which one she’d pick.

Who would she dare to be this year.

A prickled skin… angry and cynical.

Or the rosy and tender skin of a shy sweet heart.

Or the invisible skin, live while almost unnoticed by anyone.

She can feel her current skin shredding off slowly, kissing her bones farewell.

It was a minute to midnight.

She closed her eyes, raised her arm and let her fingers wonder through the unworn skins, searching through the possibilities of unknown identities.

Letting luck, fate and her indecisiveness choose her skin for this year.

The clock chimed midnight.

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