Skin by Latifah Al Jasser

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Covered by scars from the top of her head to the tip of her toes,

Evidence of her past haunting her till the day she dies,

Blood gushed from those cuts more than water pouring out of a hose.

The ink beautifully fills her veins,

Hiding the horrors of her yesterdays,

Leading to her heart through lanes.

She can’t help but conceal herself with art,

Art as deep as her wounds,

Her skin was pierced continuously by dart after dart,

‘I don’t want to die without any scars’ says everyone,

It’s stupid to her,

No one wants to get wounded by someone.

No body has any idea how much strength you gain,

She could flaunt her scarred skin,

But that won’t help in keeping her sane.

Her skin is beautiful,

Covered by art that conceals her harsh reality,

Her skin is colourful,

Filled with liquid that runs in place of her blood,

Her skin is soulful,

For it tells sorrowful stories that words can never describe.

Her skin is her life,

It speaks of truth,

It states proudly that she has survived.

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