Skin by Maha Al Mazrou

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A woman nervously made her way through the crowd to the stage. She clumsily banged into a chair and quickly reached to the stage. Her mouth was dry, her hands were sweaty and she had no clue why and how she ended up finding herself on the stage.


She strode to the microphone and said: “My name is Emma, and I am an author.


Being an author has taught me that a whole new life can be lived if the book is read with scrupulous attention. And the more I read, the more I become hungry for the visual imagination to allow me to step into the author’s mind to take me anywhere and anytime they desire to take me to.


I don’t remember the last time I read a book like a normal person. I thoroughly scrutinize unfamiliar words, and analyze every line in hope I could find the voice of the author. But I sometimes find myself speechless wondering why I missed it, and then promise myself to learn new trade secrets.


Being an author introduced me to more friends and enemies in my head than the ones I have in real life. I usually lose track of time when I play with words only to find myself skimming through hundreds of pages that I can’t recall writing.


I believe I should give fair warning to my friends of being one of the characters. I’ve actually composed a whole horror book on my math teacher.


It’s embarrassing how my mind now wanders in the middle of conversations, and how I unintentionally gaze bluntly at people I don’t even know, trying to file away some inspiration for my future characters.  Sometimes I frighten the people around me when I scream, “Aha”, and “I got it”, at the top of my lungs or when I suddenly start spluttering uncontrollably about characters from my wild imagination that nobody knows about.



But there are many times when I run out of inspiration and ideas and become this close to throwing my laptop out of the window because one storyline is never satisfying to me and I know that makes me greedy.


I think it is my moral duty to admit to all of you that some of what I write will eat the best of you, while others will get rid of the fragments of ugliness in all of us. Some will let you fall in love with people’s fatal flaws with all your heart, and others will let you adore the rebellious side of people you’ve always thought they were so clean-cut.



I also would like to mention that I slice my vein and bleed all over the page with every word I write, so I am always found between lines that range from bitter cruelty to matchless beauty. And I get asked about it a lot, but I truly enjoy it because it is a reminder of my life as my skin is.


To sum up, ladies and gentlemen, make sure you never miss the skin and bones that bring the words and characters into life in order to live a hundred lives through the author’s intricate description.”

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