Skin by Nora Abdullah

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You lay there with him trying not to run away.

Biting your lips. Trying not to scream. Trying not to push him, even though every part of you despises him.

His sweaty body on top of yours. You’re disgusted by his heavy breathing. Your body is limp, but he’s too self-centered to notice you. His grip suffocates you.

But my darling you’re not with him now.

You are here with me.

You are a crook an I’m a fool for you. You are helpless and desperate. You need me. You hold me tight.

Holding for your life.

You kiss me as if today and those minutes are all we have left.

I kiss you as you wrap your arms around my neck. Keeping me close.

My finger tips are digging in your back. You take a deep breath and hold me tighter.

Our skin molding together as one. One beautiful and complete creature. It dances so gracefully to the music that we make.

With each breath, moan, touch, and kiss. You are my drug and I’m addicted.

We live for these few minutes.

Where we are high on each other. Where we forget where we are.

But eventually.

Eventually you will let go and I will too.

Eventually you will go back to him.

Eventually you will go back to being miserable.


Until we get those minutes back.

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