Skin by Ftoon

Posted on February 11, 2013 by


My canvas is my own skin and I tell my story by my painting brush.

I tell the stories beneath my skin, I sketch the faces behind my eyes, and

I paint the struggles within my soul.

The softness of paint against my skin turns my senses around and pushes me to show how deep my emotions are by just holding a paintbrush. The way I see it is that the canvas would resemble the ocean and my paints would be the waves, and I’m the wind moving the paints through the canvas.  I feel the satisfaction of art through my veins and it brings me ecstasy, without it I would be as dull as an old heavily rooted tree.

My paintbrush fixes me, it turned me from broken to bent. And the desires in me are fulfilled through this creativity. An addiction to victim of life’s obstacles, a way of taking off your own skin and walking around with your flesh only is what art is.

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