Wanderlust by Meera & Nouf

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The curtains are swinging by the wind.
It’s a full moon.
The strange feelings I’m having.
Settlement is my enemy.
It’s time. The force of nature.
So dark and cold.
My season has left.
I should leave, too.
The door man waving his goodbyes
Yellow cab has been dismissed
I chose to walk,
My feet guided me through.
I feel its warmth between my bared toes.
It’s shining on my whole body.
Giving me sensation of virtue.
This is where I should stay. At least for now.
shivers forcing me to stay. Right here.
Wanting more of this.
A place that is run by magic.
Charmed head to toe. It’s a spell.
Hypnotizing me.
Paralyzing me.
Controlling me.
Forcing me to get closer.
A beauty by all means.
A glow that lights up every inch in me.
Uncertainty of thoughts.
An ingrained feelings of unsettlement against A fierceful desire at its core.
It keeps growing within me.
Unshakeable and Unbreakable spell that can never be reversed.
Forcing me by its magic to stay.
Right here.
I don’t recognize myself any more. Who am I? What happened to me?
Am I ever gonna wake up?

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