Wanderlust by Rania & Adwa

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I ache for you to startle me,

By sin,

Or by regret.

By places I’ve never been,

By ice down my spine,

By fingertips.

Stripping me away,

Penetrating my insides.

My bits tingle by the

Mere thought of you,

I want you.

How I want you so bad, within,

But you are outside,


I bow,

Should I thus confess– but I halt halfway

And I panic,

And I laugh

And I scream the letters

Of your name–

I spark a fire.

And I’m a paper

And I am thin,

paper thin,

Rip me up

Rid me of myself


Break me into a million little pieces

Scatter me all over yourself

Like bird seeds

I want to explore you

Every last inch of your holy body

The landscape being your skin

The stairway to the moon being your spinal chord

The stars being your moles and freckles

Breathe me in

Give me a tour of every organ

Each one a different city

Take me to the ocean

Inside your eyes

I want to drown in all the lives it holds

Let us float on our backs and

Listen to the faint whispers

Of the shore

Calling us towards it

As we watch the bleeding horizon


Let us dance to the sound of your heartbeat

Lost between the crowd

Lost between cells

Lost in you

You see, I wanderlust for only one thing

Your body


(Parts in regular font are by Adwa

Parts in bold are by Rania.)

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