Wanderlust by Mashael Al Blehed & Nora Abdullah

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Breathe me all in, for I am the ground you walk on.

Run to every part of me, sculpting your way through.

Dream of trees; be the leaves and let my wind carry you.

Light your way with my fire. Swim in my blood exploring the rivers surrounding you.

Let it be that you will not settle until you reach every mountain top guarding you.

Let it be when the cold winter comes, you will not stay frozen.

Wanderlust is a melody.

Reach the places with the loudest sound.

Dance upon me, and with every sweat drop my floors will burst.

Listen the music of the world, the sound of birds in the morning or the howling wolves at night.

The sound of branches rustling or the sound of thunder claps.

But more importantly, the sound of your urging footsteps.

Build me up and tear me down much like you would build up your courage and tear down your doubts.

With my endless roads I will guide you.

Be aware.

Be aware that when the time comes, when the heavy pull of the earth drags you down, that I will be the solid surface beneath you.

Promise me.

Promise me when your time ends and your bones are buried within me that your heart will not be unsatisfied.


Drink me all in, for I am the sky above you.

Look up at me as I’ve adorned myself with the brightest stars for you. 

Look up and let me show you the world reflected in me. 

Let it be that inside yourself, you hold up your own little sky, that it seeks to meet with me. 

Let it be that you cannot rest until you’ve seen every edge and corner of my skies. 

Let it be that when I shine the moon, you grow weary of sitting still. 

Embrace the world and let your legs carry you to what your heart cannot conjure up. 

With my moon, I will bring the tide closer so you can marvel at the ocean. 

With my sun, I will illuminate and cast light on every surface of earth for you.

With my stars, I will be the compass that will guide you. 

If you tether your roots to the sky you will never be away from home. 

Be hungry, be tired, be restless and let it be the fuel that moves you; for both the earth and the sky bless your wanderlust. 

(Parts in normal font are by Nora

Parts in italics are by Meshael.)

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