Speak by Aalaa Al Majnouni

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A girl mustn’t speak loud,
a girl is damned if she speaks herself;
rightfully loud.
Such a girl must be buried a life;
and get no flowers plant on her head,
and promised no cloud, for her us allowed.
a curse instead of prayers follow her name,
she was bold, she was daring,
and her crime to deserve this pitiful eyes
is because only she did speak.

A girl must say no word,
to explain.
She must swallow her letters,
and choke her thought with quietness.
And, sure,
as you pleased.
Her words must be robotic
with fixed dictionary and limited space.
I was that girl,
I grew up on free expressions.
I studied that the subaltern must speak.
But I end up voiceless with my own voice.
I sealed my lips with lawful terms,
with blood,
with tears.
I am a girl to speak;
what they only live to hear.
in vain nevermore.
in vain as I breaths,
me will always speak.
and, smile myself before them,
damn your ill speech.

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