Speak by Dona

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I hear...
I hear the melodies that speak out the words of my tongue..
and I feel…
I feel through those melodies the way I would have felt as if I was granted a thousand words.

With my fingertips on the piano keys I can start to feel the world just like how my life seems to be, black and white, all or none. People may think that my stature reflects my inner being, tall, strong, young,  but deep inside I am a man who suffered the sores of a hundred years old. I am nothing more than this man you see by the piano. Empty, vague, nothing else.

By my door stood a woman. Looking through her eyes, I can see their shine and their deep colours, and I come to know why they burn holes into whatever they fall into. This look drives me to lose my melodies sync the only way only a deaf man can ever be. And I wonder, what does make her smile..?
The melodies she can’t hear?
or the insides of my soul that she lights-up whenever she’s near?

I see her everyday and that’s my misery as I lack the means to just approach her.

There we are, her with her everlasting smile, and me with the melodies I desperately try to call her with. Notes I’d like her to hear, and she responses as if she just had really heard them.

Tonight she came closer, sat next to me and introduced herself with the loudest voice she could manage. I just stared back, looking speechless, and I wish it was the word of my situation but I actually had a thousand word to say.

I faced her back with a smile, and she seemed to have sensed as it was a word. I knew we can connect; I took her hand, kissed it with all that I manage of feelings, and her eyes shone a different light. I guess she just knew about my love towards her.. But she got up and left me by the piano. A mute man…

The day I met her again she came to me unnoticed. I just saw her standing there as if she was the creation of my imagination.
“It’s a good night by the moon. Such a sad thing to miss it. Come”, she said, and I followed through.

Out there she reached out her hands to my cheeks, dug her eyes into me as she was feeling every inch of my skin on her way to my lips. She spread her index over them with the sign of a “hush”. I pulled her closer and kissed her ears. The ears that fail to hear, so she can know it’s okay, she has me because I can never speak.

And I told her I’d write her a letter so I’d use some vocabulary. And because she’s a goddess… On the paper I said:
“We can talk, my love, we don’t need to speak”

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