Speak by Mimi

Posted on April 27, 2013 by


There are poems inside of me,


They rustle me up when I want to sleep.


There are echoes in my hollow chest.

They keep me skittish and offbeat.


There is a voice, somewhere inside of me.


In my core is not the warmth,

It is the unwelcoming bitterness of frost.

It is the cold-hearted truth,


What tree could deepen its roots in rotten soil?


I know there is someone who is not satisfied within me,

He hums a tune every time I tell I lie.


But my broken ego was always louder,

Kept me twisted and tongue-tied.


I know these demons find home in my bones,

And I know they’re louder when its dark


They’re strongest when I am weak.


So speak,

Make me strong,

Rid me of these shallow beasts, and

These chains,




Three summers have come and gone but the winter of our hearts remained.

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