Speak by Nouf Al Babtain

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She woke up as soon as the voices in her head disappeared.
She fought with all her power to keep it away, as long as possible.
Afraid, she was, from her own voice.
A cluster of thoughts not arranged nor defined.
Playing and messing up with her brain cells every night.
Like if she cares, less.

She was searching for the light that fireflies her mind with beauty and satisfaction.
She kept searching for that subdued light that bursts out all the possibilities.
She looked for happiness all around, even in her own heart.
She wasn’t quite sure of what she was looking for, or even if it was possible.
Her dreams were bigger than her will
Her dreams became nightmares, haunting her every night. Nonstop.
She thought she had lost herself for her desires
therefore, she couldn’t find peace

Demanding, that pretty imagination of hers.
Attacking her vision,
controlling her sight,
to look far and beyond her abilities,
to find her latent power.
Not to speak, but to scream her lungs out.
That became a passion for her.
Suffocating every vessel in her blood stream.
Burning up every inch in her.
Until, she was left with ashes, to spread, everywhere, and nowhere.
A free spirit, that can’t go further than her own walls.
She calls it freedom, of mind.

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