War by Ayya Al Badr

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Once upon a time,

I would have done anything for you

I would have slept with scorpions and eaten monsters
And allowed myself to fall
And plunge into the fiery pits of the earth
And dig boulders out of the ocean and bury my instincts in their place
Because I forgot how to save myself,
Because I forgot how to reach my arms out to break my fall
But I did reach out
To catch whatever you sparked
And boy, did you spark
You threw bombs at me, and I nursed them in my arms
You fed me sunsets and sunrises and I licked them hungrily off your fingers
You shoved your millions of mindsets inside me and I curled my toes and forgot my name
I forgot, and kept forgetting
And kept twirling into this whirlwind of craving and irrationality
Into a hurricane that I created then buried under your pillow
Breathing only when the weight of your head hadn’t rested on me for long enough
But one day, you left
And took too long to return
And in your absence I burned the neighborhood down
And that was the end.
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