War by Chirin Barikan

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Our war is not too different from the Wars of the Roses; we were once two halves of a whole. But when the ancient war was recorded in history, men forgot to mention the love the two families held for each other before it evolved into hate. I promise that I will never forget the immense love I had for you before  darkness gained power over our bodies and souls. I will remember the times we shared, and I shall, no matter what we do to each other, cherish those memories. Always. I swear.


My love,



I know that the best of deeds does not lie in the worst of men, and therefore, I shield myself from you. The citadel walls I have managed to build around myself have failed to incarcerate my anger, and keep your hatred at bay.  You fight me with all you have. Fire catapults, arrows, and stones you have launched at me, and occasionally, the wall cracks. I have rebuilt and regrouped far too many times.


My love,


You claim that I am an exotic flower begging to be plucked, and I tell you that by plucking the petals you will not gather my beauty, but rather, destroy me. When I look into the darkness of your deep eyes, and when I see that repulsively evil  smirk on your lips, I know that your plan was to do so all along.


My love,


Our war did not begin yesterday, and it will certainly not end tomorrow. Our war is eternal, and I want to drown you in it. I will challenge you to swallow the sun, and while I watch you fail, thunderous trains of air will carry me to the moon.


My love,


I may not believe in war, but I believe in warriors, and I will therefore allow you to be the architect of your own disaster. On the battle field we turn into animals, slicing the strings to whom we once were in swift cuts. Watching our former beings float away and into thin air.


My love,


Lust is a powerful force, and It is the only force that keeps us together. Explaining our quantum sized love is like explaining the rainbow to a blind person. Our Botox hearts are no longer capable of such emotion. Instead, we lust for each other’s blood like we do our bodies.


My love,


We are fire and ice

And we will continue

To fight one another

Until the end

Of our time.

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