War by Latifah Al Jasser

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The sound of swords clashing echoes in the background. Reflection of the sun’s light on the sword blinds some of the soldiers.
How quickly can the human race be wiped off the planet? Days if we’re starting a war; mere seconds if we’re using nuclear weapons.
The bombing could be heard even from miles away. Frightened cries of children, women, and elders are filled with pain and they are so loud it sends chills down my spine.
What is war? “War is an organised and often prolonged conflict that is carried out by states and/or non-state actors” Well that is according to Wikipedia, but from what I see war means more deaths all around the world. War means that life has no meaning for the people who are playing this game. This game where people have no voice, but so much to say. This game where the weak’s armour and weapon is the mistakes of who believe that they are strong. This game is the result of not knowing how to use words and tongues. Are there causes worth dying for? Yes. Are there causes worth killing for? No, and there will never be.
A loud bombing sound makes my heartbeat lose its rhythm. Fear for the people suffering over comes me till I’m shaking from the tremors. I wait and wait and wait. And wait. The eerie silence rings so loud in my ears; I am still waiting to hear cries of pain, cries of fright. Waiting for any sign of life, yet there are none.
When will people realize that “war never determines who’s right only who’s left”? When will they understand that silence stopped being the loudest cry when it became a crime against humanity? Is there a humanity switch in their souls? Or was I foolish enough to believe in the world’s humanity in the first place. The world is suffering from enough hurt and crimes; it doesn’t need war. Living in it is a horrible battle as it is.
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