War by Mimi

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Yesterday, I read your old letters.

I screamed “fuck you” so loud I think the neighbours might have heard.


I am what is left of your shackles,

I was broken when I met you, and I thought you mended me, lover.


But I


the second you left me.


I have swallowed my pride a thousand times for you,

I have choked on my own words for you,

till I could taste their bitterness on my tongue and feel them in every breath

Cause I know you never wanted to hear them


The words I had swallowed became ghosts that haunted me,

these phantom shadows urged me to speak louder but I,

I fought them off for you.


I am now left here alone with them,

they have become my companions,

and they are more loyal to me than you ever were.

They are my soldiers, and they would fall by the hundreds in any war for me.


But I knew how much you hated them,

Because with them, I am stronger

and you loved me weak,

You loved me fragile

and vulnerable.

You hate it

When I’m in control, when your emotions

Take over, and you know you were wrong

to leave

You didn’t want to feel what your heart screamed

You wanted obey,

What your mind dictates over us


I never broke a goddamn rule,

In that twisted book you call “lines”

A book I had never crossed

Because I thought it would let me keep you

All wars are fought,

And I lose


I guess all is fair in love and war

We were always a bit of both ..

A lot love, a bit more war

And I’d die;

Trying to win a heaven when we both knew

We belonged in hell.

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