War by Najood Al Terkawi

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To a world yet to be born,

It grows inside the heart of a generation who has forgotten what is of value. Many have shaken hands with it long ago. It creeps into minds and robs them of purity. It dares to claim itself a solution.


It is three letters of loathing and one syllable of absolute destruction. It believes itself to be triumph but only pays with devastation. It springs from your prejudice and feeds off of your greed.  It leaves a mother in tears and a child with no one to cling to. Peace is yesterday and war is today. We are all soldiers, walking in heavy armor and digging our own graves with shovels and our bare hands.

Future generation, write in your history books about this generation’s mistakes, about the love we couldn’t give and the hate we fueled. Write about the prejudice we practiced, and teach your children to live by tolerance. Remember this:  no ethnicity or faith is an enemy. Tell stories about the things we preached but never followed, and believe in your heart that everyone and every kind of love are equal. Do not ignore the literal meaning of war long enough for it to sneak up on you. Tell your children and grand children about the God that graced us with clean souls and it was we who polluted it with rage. Do not let go to waste any of the blessings you are given. Seek no more than you deserve and stray from obsession with wealth and material things, for they will lead you nowhere but to your own accumulation of misery. Take your freedom not for granted, and liberate your heart from too much pride and ego.

Love Mother Earth and forget about borders.  Natural resources are not worth the blood you’ll spill. When your generation begins to pave roads with racism, ask them how the blood that runs through their veins is different from another. When one man is power-hungry, feed him your words about justice and honor. Wander as you please but avoid judging others. Read about heroes and be the definition of heroism. Shout from the rooftops all you know about peace. Do not let tainted thoughts seep into your body, but instead let humility fill your lungs. Accept no form of bitter antagonism and cruelty, and do not let resentment ignite a need for revenge. Instead of having an appetite for authority, thirst for a better tomorrow and crave the scent of civility. Inhale your dreams and exhale passion. Build your cities with unbroken faith. Set your principles higher than our skyscrapers. Let your streets be soaked with rain instead of tears. And above all, do not spoil your hope.

War becomes you. It expands in the galaxies within you.

From one generation to another, do not forget your humanity.

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