War by Nora Abdullah

Posted on May 20, 2013 by


You have started battles within me.


My love for you is a war.


I am fighting the hurt. The longing. The depression.


I am fighting, and I have grown tired of battling myself. Restricting myself. I am deranged, battered bruised and scarred.


I have grown tired, and I am afraid of the dust clearing up.


I am giving in.


I surrender.


I surrender myself fully to you.

I surrender my arms and let them wrap around you.

I surrender my lungs and only breathe the breath you exhale.

I surrender my lips and kiss the skin that covers you.


My armor crumbles at your touch.

My knees are weak at the sight of you.


You have invaded my mind with everlasting images of you.


You have won.


Now please, chain me down.

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