War by Raghad Rijraji

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The boys were just boys who were often told by their fathers that they could be whomever they wanted to be and take whatever they wanted to take because they were invincible power machines. And so the boys grew up to become men, forces, gods, they were tidal waves of animalistic instinct; lust broke them and lust built them up again. While the girls were just girls who were often told by their fathers that all they would ever be is prey, so they better cover up that flesh because it was too damn sweet.

Now, the boys wanted things the girls did not want to give. The ravenous boys with their lust-clogged minds, those kings of the jungle, were driven by history books and the words of their fathers to bring war on the female body, because that is where satisfaction is found; not in taking what they’ve been given, but in taking what they’ve been denied.

Some girls got their peace of mind burnt down; shoved into way too many walls and pinned down on countless amounts of beds being taught submission by pretense gods. Others have been forced on their knees, choking on human flesh because the boys were in the business of growing out colonies out of souls. And the girls who were as light as spring were ordered to spell out thank-yous for being turned into harbors of shattered wills.

The boys passed down the war to their sons, who passed it to their sons, who now need to stop. The manmade hell, the cultural abuse, the terrorizing, the sexism, the jungle, the dark alleys, the dehumanizing, the predators, the fucking jungle, the war, all of this oceans worth of damage is going to take centuries to mend.

It’s time to leave the female body the fuck alone.

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