2:47 by Dona

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Trapped, from air…
From Voice…
From Vision.

Nothing is as stimulating from the outside. It’s all; dark. It’s both heaven and hell, hearing the very reason of your existence, but still feeling a vague sense of doom that is only explained by those waves of sound you’re hearing.

1 minute, 2:46-2:47, was all I had to hear to conclude that my heart is a sick as is my mind. It’s weak, impulsive, shallow. It rises with breaths that only give a temporary relief, and falls back with every fearful blow.

I was told they were 2 consequent beats, but I only could appreciate one, and a muffled hum.. Cardiologists say they can predict a heart disease from this heart’s beats, but what if every beat sinks you in so low, and you fail to grasp a logical fact about whatever you’re hearing?

What id every beat draws a wave, and you recognise that very same initial of the one person you’re trying to forget?
Is this love? Is this a murmur? Or is this doom?

I had to live with weakness long enough till it became unbearable, but then I listened closely, and stopped looking for a diagnosis. Every beat was strong enough to pump the blood to my lungs and body. Every strike was fierce, persistent and proud, like a constant reminder that everything goes on despite the pain that hovers among nerve endings.

I listened to my heat close enough to love it; its weakness and strength. And the waves that pronounce the preliminary letter of my beloved have started to show their real markings: a love symbol, a heart.

1 minute can change everything. It’s 80 beats more, and 100 reasons why you should live more and love more.

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