2:47 by Felwa Al Saud

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I am writing this to let you know that my heart can’t handle frost bite,
And I’m afraid the worms have crawled far too close to the beating redness that is keeping me alive for me to kick them out,
They start to climb,
And the once subtle rhythm feels rushed and the shadows of my unspoken words and your broken promises have settled deep into the walls of my chest, they’ve built a home within me,
But I am a dark neighbourhood with flickering lights, locked doors, and ripped brown blood-stained curtains.
Flowers are growing under the broken swings now and I don’t know what to do. They are blossoming into bright colors I have never seen before, or felt. The sun is rising for the first time ever, you almost can’t notice the broken street lights. But I do. I hope you notice the greenness of the trees instead, you once commented on how brown they were. “It’s almost as of they’re dead” you said. They were. I couldn’t find any other way to tell you this but the darkness that fascinated you about me has turned out to be just a shadow. Just a show.
I know you were in love with the eerie gloominess, but I hope you will learn to fall in love with my glow.
I promise I will shine for you, always for you. I am waking up from a safe slumber into a cold reality. Perhaps I’ve mistaken a blessing for a curse. Perhaps you’ve done the same as well. Would it make sense if I told you I fixed the lanterns? If I told you we don’t need to light up the candles?
My insides are chirping, I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

I’m taking deep breaths,
Here goes,

It’s 2:47 AM, I was looking for a way to tell you this,
My belly has grown,
We made a baby, darling
I think we should name her November.

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