2:47 by Lyla Ashry

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He loved his mother with the passion of a thousand suns, burning him from the inside-out, and gripping his heart with an intensity that left him breathless and gasping.


She was no more; he would forever bear the weight of his shame, and he felt that it might break his neck if did not die of agony first. It was because he never really understood what she meant — when she would repeatedly tell him to love his siblings, and remember that she loved him — and now he did, just a little too late.


She tried to let him know, but he was too ignorant to read the signs! All those hospital appointments were taken because she was in pain, and he was too blind to see the answers right under his nose; he did not care at the time. Oh, what he would’ve done if he could — if he had the chance — to take back time and fix his mistakes, but… it never worked that way; life never functioned that way. It only took the things you loved and didn’t appreciate at the same time. You would only understand  the depth and importance of a relationship if it threatened to tear, and while he deeply cared for his mother he didn’t have a chance in hell. She was forever lost to him in Aidoneus’ sea of souls, never to return.


Bless her.

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