2:47 by Meera Al Khaldi

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I entered your room like any other day

Sat next to you and stared at your beautiful face

that carried a lot of sentiments and words to say

With all the pain you had the smile on your face was always there

You looked into my eyes as if you knew it was your day

In seconds you closed your eyes and went to a better place

Way up where angels lie.



A lot of signs showed the love of god on your clear pure heart

which we all eulogize


Grandfather, you taught us the real meaning of

patience, love and kindness

The smile on your face is a lasting memory in our hearts,

Nothing in this world not even life or death can keep us apart,You have always been the one we go to for advise,

But don’t worry you’re still the one we go to,

We’ll be together again one day.



We want to say thank you for being the best that you could be,

You’re our confidant, our best friend, the head of our family.



Now it is time that you can finally stop worrying about us,You can relax, have fun, live in your own mansion with those beautiful gardens in heaven

Run freely swim easily you no longer need to fuss.


We know that you are here by our side,We do believe that even though you are not here with us, this will never be goodbye,

We love you and the happiness you have given us will last a life.




When I saw your unforgettable peaceful face for the last time

It was as white as pure milk,

relaxed as if you saw your place up high

Your body filled the room with a breathtaking scent from heaven

The light glowing from your face

made us feel the angles roaming around us

When I kissed your forehead and felt how cold it was

I knew you were in peace and recline



Dearest family, although he has gone we will always be together

And his spirit will live on each one of us forever

When you look to the sky, look for the brightest star

As that will be Grandfather looking down on us from afar

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, then I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

But I know you are in a better place so rest in peace and divine.

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