2:47 by Mimi

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I cannot write this piece without drugging myself into it.

Because you are the letters that haunt me.


To be honest,

I am lacking inspiration.

You are no longer a part of me.

A part of us.

But when my eyes are closed,


Your heart is whole. Unbroken. Beautiful.


With closed eyes,

You smell like rain, like all my sins washed away.


Reality is… I can no longer call this city my own.

The walls are too high, the sidewalks too thin.


The rain is gone and so is my love.


This city is dark, and hopeless.


I have a house I can no longer call home.


I sat in my dry corner

in this dry land

reading dry books

in this dry air


Soon enough, my thoughts became stale.


I am the product of the addictions I inflicted upon myself.

I broke my feeble bones to shreds that I can no longer collect.



am broken.


Tell you the truth,


I lack a lot more than inspiration.

I need mending, darling, and I need warmth.


They say, life goes on

but life stood still for me

2 years,

4 months,

7 days ago.

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