2:47 by Nora Abdullah

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2 o’clock and 47 minutes.


I’ve been awake at this time for a week now.

I’m laying on my bedroom floor.

I find the ceiling comforting.


2 o’clock and 47 minutes.

My heart is racing and I’m weak.


2:47 and I have forgotten everything I’ve done outside of this room.


It’s 2:47

My bedroom is filled with smoke.

Forming shapes of soldiers battling over me.

I am wounded I can’t feel my limbs and my head is heavy.

I  feel the vibration underneath me, of feet digging into the ground, running.


It’s 2:47

I am a soldier.

My armor has failed me.

I am bleeding.

I am cold.


It’s 2:47 and all I see is white.

Does this how death feels like.





It’s 2:47 and I’m floating. I see the sky above me, stars are shining brighter than I have ever seen the sun shine. I foolishly  expected the stars to warm me.


It’s 2:47 and I’m laying next to the enemy. She’s battered and wounded too.


It’s 2:47 and the enemy is beautiful. She’s laying next to me. I see her lungs rising and falling and i’m amazed at every shallow breath she takes.


2:47 She’s in front of me. Her naked back. my gaze is tracing the architecture of her body.

her spine, shoulder blades, neck.


2:47 She turns facing me.


2:47 I want her.


2:47 she’s the enemy.


2:47 She is the enemy whose whispers are sharper than a sword.

Her words can flood empires within me.


A touch and I’m frozen.

A kiss and I’m melting in her arms.



It’s 12 o’clock and in 2 hours and 47 minutes I’ll get to see her.


In 2 hours and 47 minutes i’ll get to be with her.



It’s 2:47 and my bedroom is filled with smoke again.


It’s 2:48 and she’s gone.

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