2:47 by Nouf Al Babtain

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The waiting room


Impatience is taking control.

But I’ve already surrendered.

Never been fond of waiting.

My heart is melting more every second; and I’m not sure how long it’ll last.

I hate waiting.

Please, get better.

I wont go nowhere.

Because I know when that door opens, my life will be resumed.



Darling, Please get better.



I know how hard it is to fight, but I know how strong you can be.

I’ll hold my breath until you start breathing again.

I know you won’t leave me by myself when even myself remind

me of you.

You belong to me.



Darling, please get better.



There’s no way I can move on without my better half.

There’s no place I want to be right now but your super soft arms.

There’s nothing I want to hear louder than your heartbeats.

There’s nothing I want to see but your eyes looking at me.

There’s nothing I want to feel but your lips kissing me.

There’s nothing I ask for but to bring you home to me.



Baby, come back to me.



The waiting room suffocates me.

My heart aches.

It feels so hard to keep up that smile.



The wind has stopped moving; it feels like my life has stopped too.



Surgery room:



What’s wrong with my eyes? Everything is dark and blurry.

Why my pulse is so quiet?

Why this noise in my head is louder than your silence?

I don’t understand.

What’s happening?

Everything is going wrong.

I’m losing my way.

And, I don’t see your face.

Darling, you’re exhausting me with hope.

My soul is pushing against my body.

It’s getting cold.

I can’t feel anything, and yet all I feel is you.




-Time of death: 2:47 am-


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