2:47 by Raghad Rijraji

Posted on October 4, 2013 by


You are not entitled to any of the darkness,

I’ve claimed it long ago.

It’s all mine.

Don’t flip every light switch you come across to light this tomb up.


If being happy meant illuminating every square inch of skin,

then I’ll have to set my self on fire.

For days on end.


I promised you

twenty-four days ago

when I first met you

that I won’t seek moons in your eyes

or happiness in the mornings.

And I still won’t.


It takes a heart

like yours

to be content with seven days a week

of perpetual darkness.

It takes patience.

Be patient.

Come over here

turn off the lights

and go to sleep.

I’ve had a dream

about your eyes

this afternoon,

they were honey-colored,

they were every shade of happy.


I’m sorry.

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