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“He tells you,

That no man can live up,

To the one who lives in

Your head

And you tried to change, didn’t you?” – Warsan Shire // For Women Who Are Difficult To Love.


I am writing this to let you know that;

I am done.

To congratulate you on your continuous efforts

To tell you that you have achieved your job,



Why I even did it;

Whether to impress you

And to sweep you of your feet,

Make you hold your head,

Higher than it should.


Whether I have done it to tame you,

Shove all your useless words into a tomb

It’s still a mystery to me.


All I see now, all I see

Is what you made.

I see wars, destruction sites, and fallen out homes.


I see every curse imprinted on my flesh by you.

I see finger-prints of bricks and stones




Is that why you said they won’t survive?

Because you have built monster out of flames

That eats all the good alive


Sometimes I which I can un-hate you

But you control every breath I take

I kneel deeper on my knees asking God

Why did he even made me yours

I am to dig a sword in your throat while you are fast asleep.

I utter ‘help’ when you blink.


I am writing this to let you know;

I have got a man who keeps me alive,

And I keep him all colours of crazy

If this is what you thought I won’t have

I have got a man who stayed for two nights,

to make sure I am still breathing,

While I stayed breathless for months to keep him



I am writing this to let you know,

To beg you,

To stop for once and for all,

You are killing both of us.

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