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Sitting here holding the pen wondering if I have

Ever replied to your moans with the perfect sounds

If I have ever replied to your needs with satisfaction

If I have ever replied to your love with seduction

Lover let me answer your unreturned questions

Those which are roaming around looking for replies

Let me please your inner cravings with my verses



You, your body is the only picture that comes on

Mind when I hear


The word perfection


The word seduction


The word addiction



Let me sum it up in a word, paradise

Your lips a temptation to bite

Your eyes so sensual, I get lost within you

Your hips a place to maneuver with my lips

Now please let me get lost in paradise

Let me explore what this magical place is full of

Let me touch the cliff of paradise

Watch its beautiful waterfall drip all over my hand

Get a sip of its perfection

A bite for detection

Oh lover, I found me a new place to stay forever



You, your love is the purist feeling I ever felt

No lies no phony feelings nor being forced

Just there for us to use and protect

To make it grow and never end

Lover you should know nothing could

Enter your paradise without my permission

And for that no one is allowed in but I



Now, I love reality more than fantasies

Because finally your love is true

No need to run to bed daydreaming about love

I can finally run into your arms and fall into it

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