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1- I read your letters last night.


2- I learned the hard way,

that life can never be ours to give.

Nor should it be ours to take.


3- We shared morning coffees,

they woke our minds, but numbed our souls.


4- I’ve always been the pot, you the kettle.

We grow up into the flaws of those around us.


5- Still, there are kingdoms in our hearts.


6- I know now that I am the grey block, in-between shades of red.


7- There is a sea within me, where waves crash and so do dreams.


8- I know I can be more than this gaping hole,

this empty void.

I can be shelter,

and you can call me home.


9- Build a cradle for me in those tired eyes.


10- I know life can be hard but don’t you ever fucking let go.


11- When you cave,

I promise I will only write about the days we were so good.

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