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You sweat and you shiver so fast for most people to realize.

A pen frightens you.


You let it slip.


I grew up with you attached to me.

You have been burned and cut.

You have written words I would never let myself utter.


I haven’t been careful with you.


You have held significant others within you.

You have held infants.

You have touched every surface that compelled you.

You have wiped tears.

You have held cigarettes.

And you have created.


Don’t let the pen slip.


Have you exhausted your words?

Have you grown tired of them?

Are my thoughts flashing by you and you can’t seem keep up?


Please move.


Surprise me with a reply that is mirroring my thoughts.


Help me.


Reach down my throat and pull out the knot that suffocates me.

I want the chaos within me to move you restlessly.

I will let my body go numb but don’t stop.


Take my mind as a map and run.

Run to every corner and every road.

Dig in the ground and follow the cracks.

Destroy my walls.

Leave more chaos but don’t stop.


Let my eyes guide you whether in light or darkness.


Just please, do not stop writing.

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