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I do remember that night so well, the night when you decided to write me.

You were sitting on your sofa, when you started sharing your thoughts with the paper.


Your hand was passionately racing your words,

and your heartbeats were louder than your excitement.


You were hopeful; you were invincible, full of life,

that even happiness itself couldn’t measure you.

You were merely you.



Unfortunately, I’m only left with this reply:



Dear past self,

I hope you get me when I say I tried.

I wish I could become more of what you’ve dreamed of and less of what you’ve feared.



My former self,

You used to get rid of your dark thoughts and bury it somewhere that doesn’t exist.

Sadly, these thoughts find its way back, every time.


You used to speak your mind with every passing thought,

and now you developed a cage within your heart to lock it all in.


You used to always find a way to make things better.

I hate to say this, but I no longer remember the code.


You used to tell me that I’ll gain so much of myself,

but I’ve lost some special pieces along the way.


You used to count your blessings before you go to bed, and now,

you can’t stop thinking about the blessings you’ve lost.


Oh, and your tears,

they still hurt, every time.

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