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How my boyfriend replied to me when I told him I didn’t feel beautiful:


The spaces between your fingers weep for being empty of you. The stretch marks that you hide under fabric are part of who you are and you will learn to peel your clothes off like a beautiful blooming flower. The only reason your thighs touch is because they are kissing.

I am jealous of your scars because I will never be as close. I will never be permanent.  I look into your eyes and see the ocean. I long to touch you like the waves long to touch the shoreline. Every time I kiss you it tastes different because I see the world in you and there are about 6,500 languages out there. When we make love, I find myself digging my nails into your flesh so I can leave a mark that proves I’ve visited one of the wonders of the world.


During autumn, I watch the leaves fall for you so hard, they hurt the ground. In winter, I watch cold hands crave to touch you, they tremble. In spring, flowers grow as high as they can to catch a glimpse of you. And during summer, I find you in the corners of people’s smiles, in the comfortable silence of best friends staying up all night. I find you in bliss and in happiness. I find myself in your arms.


The next time you take a shower and wish you could scrub your skin off and grow into someone more beautiful, know that you would be scrubbing me away.

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