About The Light by Raghad Rijrarji

Posted on December 5, 2013 by


Promises of the nonsensical forever

slipped underneath monochromatic routines

Ribcages constructed from temporariness

and the air is not eternal enough to breathe


The light dancing in a hurricane of grandeur

that some of you are dying to escape


Deep into the night

the fog eating up

this city of

annihilated yearning

the sidewalk is wet,

arms are heavy,

meanwhile practices

of intimacy

with insomnia

are ongoing on the 20th floor apartment.


A heart can’t be held

but magic is reborn

every time something is drenched in it.

So don’t kill it.

I’ll teach you of ways

for swallowing down the painkillers

without killing the pain.


Bend the arrow around itself

let destruction always chase

its own tail end.

Let that circle keep on spinning.

It’s true;

it’s inevitable to fade in it,

but not today,

because the light behaves


beneath your frosted glass.

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