Asleep by Nora Abdullah

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It’s that time again.

When darkness and silence arrives.


The silence cascades through the night.

Street lights through the window keep me company, for a while.


My eyes are closing and I’m struggling to keep them open.

Finding anything to entertain me.

Counting my heart beats

Each breathe.

Thinking of thoughts that I’ve successfully managed to prison all day.


They’re free now.


My eyes are shut and I can’t fight it anymore.

I’m tired, weak.

My body failed me.

My frail human body failed me.

And the time I’m dreading is here.


Am I asleep or am I waking up in another world.


Darkness still surrounds me and I’m alone.


Am I dreaming?


I’m searching for a light.

A spark a flair of anything.


I’m drowning.


It’s cold here and I’m shivering.


The ground beneath me crumbles and I’m running.


I’m running away.


I’m drenched in sweat.


Being here is suffocating and I’m gasping for air.


I’m lost and I’m falling.

I‘m lost.

I never knew where I am.


I’m falling.


The fall.

The gunshot.

The car crash.


The fall.


I stop breathing.


Stop moving.


Am I dying?


Can I be awake again?


I just want this to end.


Is this the end?


I’m falling.


I’m awake again.

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