Colors by Nouf Al Babtain

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I am white,
I am black,
and everything in between.

Life, belonging, and home.
I found my solitude in you when I wanted to be alone.
In the times of discomfort, you were my comfort zone.
You were my angel and I was your halo.
I am homesick.

Spirit, youth, and truth.
One rainy night,
The alarm was silenced before it spoke.
When I heard the sound of the raindrops.
It took me a while to realize that I’m just like the winter,
When the nights are covered in blue,
You’ll find me, there on my bed,
covered in my true colors.

Fire, flames, and burning desires.
My soul was bursting with life.
Strange feelings and absent mind.
You introduced me to myself.
And we became strangers, again, when you left.
My days and nights were covered with blood
I wept you until I no longer can.
I felt that I’m crippled, useless, and dull.

Wisdom, trust, and second chances.
I believed in forgiveness but I couldn’t forget.
My skies were full of cloudy doubts, with no sunshine.
I tried to let you in when the doors were locked with heavy chains.
You failed to help me lift it.
You failed me.

Gloomy, dark, and detached.
You blinded my heart when you came,
And my sight was blinded when you left.
I have been shouting your name and the echo is thrown back empty.
I am empty.
My soul is empty.

The colors are fading,
to become one.
and plain.

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