“How I see it” by Dona

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He was trembling as they led him into a gloomy white room. 


He still remembers the void in his soul back then; the way the world diverges upon one fact that will change his life forever. 


He saw the worst coming, despite the truth that he didn’t yet know. 



I was whole, that wasn’t me or even someone I know, but I still can’t shake the empty look upon the man’s face.


That helplessness.


That kind of despair, with nothing but a dim light of an unstained hope.


He felt so weak.


This is where great men can be filtered among cowards.



Right at this chair you’re sitting at; you can witness the world’s deepest sorrows out in the open and even the ones in disguise.


It empowers you.


All you need is that one extra sense; compassion.



To try to feel what they feel

Hope what they hope

And do the same – your job – over and over again till it doesn’t hurt you anymore.

Till it’s your beating routine.

To stop caring, but still feel, wish and hope.

Do what you got to do, and wonder why them, because one day it’ll be you, and you’ll know how it feels… and know better…

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