“No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed” by Latifa Aljasser

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I walked down the river. The sound of the flow echoing in my ear. I take a step back, look around me and I watch. I watch as a rainbow of clothes, designer clothes passes by me. Raging with eagerness to be admired are the diamonds that are dripping from ears, fingers, and wrists. Dressed in expensive clothing from head to toe. I stand in awe. Shocked. Mesmerized by the beauty of the yellow gold flowing from their arms.


I stop watching, or gazing and a thought crossed my mind. I whisper to myself, is that all they think life has to offer? Materials that are worn and are designed expensively just to be flaunted with? What about the beauty of nature?


I breathe in the fresh air , and the cold but yet refreshing mist of the wind goes into my nose, and my muscles relax. That is until I open my eyes again, to witness the joys of life being ignored. My tears crystallized my eyes from sadness, what ever happened to looking into people’s souls? Do personalities matter anymore? A tiny warm salty tear escapes my eyes slowly, rolling down my cheek marking its path.

I wonder if life was to speak what would it say? Would it cry? Will the beautiful painted sky ever be admired again? Will the waves crashing sounds, and the clear blue water of the sea ever be fallen in love with again?


As realization hit me I wince in pain. The joys of life will never be in anyone’s interests. Why? With every new generation flaunting about your wealth seems more like a necessity of life. Looks, money, clothes, cars, they don’t buy you happiness.The essence  of the person, the beauty of his mentality that is what should be admired.


I close my eyes again, breathe in the cold yet refreshing mist. With that I dance, I flow like a wave in the ocean. The sound of life , that’s my music. As we touch the sky from how being care free takes you high. It takes you high enough to touch, to kiss, to love. Embrace it, enrich the feeling. Touch it, kiss it, love it. If you even can be the feeling, be it! Nothing is stronger than feelings, they are a part of us. They make us who we are. They built the joys of life. So never forget to be grateful. Start seeing what life has to offer other than money and materials. Live life the way it’s meant to be lived not the way people expect you to live it. Life is like a piano it has black keys which are the bad moments, white keys which resemble the happy moments, but remember they are both used to play the beautiful melody of life.

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