Questions by Laila Wael

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This is a series of questions to the woman whom men never grieved over. To the woman who always thought that her skin is a layer of shame. To the woman who is all wrapped up because of worry because of worry that others would see everything she couldn’t let go.

To the woman who have had holed dreams and hollow bones.

To the woman who has been carrying weight for so long that she had forgotten who to raise her head up again. To the woman who has been fighting for so long, that her armor became her heavy wounded heart. To the woman who has been lonely for so long, her ribcage hosts spider webs and out of date stardust.

To the woman who always apologized for her love; to the woman who looked better only after she cries her little heart out.

To the woman I saw in the mirror staring back at me, reaching out to the surface. To the woman who choked the men in my dreams,

How do you do it?

How do you lie down at night beside him and fall asleep peacefully?

How do you sell hope for others continuously, while you are an empty useless haunted house?

How do you call him yours?

How do you live under one roof and wake up in the morning knowing he is the only one for you; and that it’s all settled down?

How do you not drown?

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