She by Rania Ghazal

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She is the silent sob trapped between her vocal cords and tongue, never daring to seep out of her lips


She is the torn skin on her knuckle for clenching her hands too hard


He is the violent thunderstorm that leaves every bone in her body broken


He is the fear that cripples her, the fear that blinds her


The fear the wakes her up in the middle of the night trembling and sweating


He cracks her legs open and claims it is love


With intentions growing on her thighs like weeds


Anchoring her onto the dirty bed sheets she washes at 2 in the morning until her fingers bleed


She stitches herself like a worn out garment using the only ‘I love you’ her mother every pressed onto her ear as a child


The only time she ever felt like the moon wasn’t the only one looking out for her


And wraps her arms around herself when the cold feeds on the only fragment of hope she has tucked in her pocket


When the memory of him plays on repeat all day,  she feels like banging her head on the pavement


But she doesn’t


She will keep spitting him out like venom


She will win this war


She will save herself

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