“Signifying Nothing” by Meshael Al Blehed

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There is no symmetry between entrances and exits, a departure cannot be balanced out by a new approach. But there’s a universality to the imminence of tragedy that no one will ever admit to because people are all “unique” and want it to be their very own. But you can’t really capitalize on disaster.


So I find myself under the influence of a disconnect, a sentence


There are so many ways that I daydream into every you:




Just like the many ways to desire:





I’d assume if I had an out of body experience, I’d never want to go back in. So please raise your arms to the sky so I can delude myself in thinking the arches were made for my ascension, but the sky will always be hemmed with lacerated clouds sluggishly bleeding out the horrible weather stitched right in.

And skies will always strike me as more terrifying than open water; at least the ocean houses a floor and an exit.

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